What’s special about Sindhu Sainik,Military & RIMC Coaching School?

  • We Sindhu Sainik,Military & RIMC Coaching School, are an established educational institution providing the best learning methodologies for more than 25 Years. We are thought of as One of the Best coaching schools for AISSEE Sainik school entrance exam coaching in Dharapuram,Tamilnadu.
  • Further, we also implement new learning methodologies which helps students to think and adapt themselves to the current era and that makes us the No.1 school and the Best  coaching school for Sainik,Military & RIMC Entrance Exam in India.
  • We never confine ourselves with  boundaries. We nurture students based on their interest. The entrance exam coaching we provide always includes both Studies & Sports combined, thus balancing & maintaining Physical Strength & Mental Ability. It prepares students for AISSEE, Defence and other Competitive Exams.
  • At present, we offer a wide-opportunity for students from 3 rd Standard to 9 th Standard to join Sainik, RIMC & RMS School coaching simultaneously with school curriculum. Our goal is to prepare students to take the biggest leap and enter into Defence. Therefore, we offer physical training along with the studies which ensures that they learn them properly right from the basics.
  • Sindhu is not merely a  Coaching Center , but a school  based on the  School Curriculum. We provide a complete and curated coaching for AISSEE Sainik, Defence and other entrance exams.
  • During their studies, students can take part in Club activities which helps them grow & learn more without any limits.

Learning Model at Sindhu Sainik

  • As we mentioned earlier, we train students to join Sainik and RMS schools. Besides studies, students will be taking part in physical activities as well. It gives a step ahead than the rest.
  • The Intensive Coaching Classes are preceded by The FOUNDATION CLASSES
  • During the Foundation classes, students will start learning right from the Basics of English,
    Mathematics & Science. It helps them understand the concepts in a better way. Meanwhile, it also
    induces the understanding capabilities, interest & dedication towards each subject.We make them master each subject.
  • We also follow the Triangle Method which helps students apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical way. This kind of learning method helps students to understand complex concepts in simple ways. It stays un-erased for a longer time and that makes students perform better in AISSEE entrance exams.

The Best Coaching at Sindhu Sainik,Military & RIMC

  • We Sindhu Sainik offer a combined program that offers all syllabi such as STATE BOARD, CBSE, NCERT and additionally a Special Syllabus prepared just for the students of Sindhu Sainik school,A UNIQUE SINDHU SAINIK COACHING SYLLABUS.
  • With this Curated Combined Syllabus, students are trained for the AISSEE Sainik School entrance exam. 
  • We have A Team of Teachers with a Mininum of 25 years experience in Each subject who  handle classes for the Sainik Students under the Supervision of The Management.
  • Twice a month The Ex-Servicemen  from  Respectable caders will meet the students and share with them their experience. and boost them in their prospective career. They will also clear their doubts, if any,in their particular subjects.

  • Periodically we conduct Model exams (Mock Test) for students so that they are on the right path. Students would be attempting more than 200 Model Exams and their performance on each exam will be reviewed.
  • Every model exam is purely OMR Based, thus following the Same Exam pattern of AISSEE.
  • Counselling is provided for securing  High Marks in AISSEE
  • Self Motivation classes are also provided by The management and also by The Alumni of Sainik School, Amaravathinagar
  • Students who are performing weak continuously will be given extra care, intensive coaching and
    special classes until they bring out the best of their abilities in the model exam.

In addition, we also offer

  • Smart Classroom
  • Special Handwriting Care
  • Simple & Speedy Mathematics Foundation
  • Basic Grammar
  • English Lab to improve communication skill
  • During the AISSEE Mock test we provide Intensive coaching to all students which covers all subjects & topics. Our syllabus includes English, Mathematics, General Knowledge (Social Study &  Science) and Intelligence Paper.
  • In addition we also arrange  Doubts Clearing sessions with the help of the teachers so that the students can
    understand the topics better for All India Sainik School Entrance Examination (AISSEE). At the end of each month, Parents-Teachers-Meeting will be conducted and parents can also monitor the student’s

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