• The significant reason behind being perceived as The Best Residential School in Dharapuram,Tamilnadu is on the grounds that – Our hostel is a second parent for the students with parental consideration. We have Separate Hostel facilities for Boys and Girls guaranteeing most extreme security and care. Safety and Comfort are genuinely what Sindhu Residential School vows to the Parents.
  • We have superintendents allotted for each hostel block to look after the children and guide them.
  • A basic essential to a broad learning experience is the need for a comfortable environment. The Hostels are connected to the school grounds itself and are profoundly ensured with full security and moreover, superintendents are delegated to take care of the students.

Hostel Facilities : 

– Continuous Power Supply

– Mineral water for cooking and drinking and Solar high temp water – RO WATER 

– Administered Study hour

– 24/7 Medical Assistance 

– Clean and Neat Bathrooms

– We are One of The Best Residential Schools in Dharapuram, Tirupur District, Tamilnadu providing coaching
for AISSEE Entrance Exam. Our residential school is equipped with the best in class Dormitory
and Kitchen.


  • We provide a separate Dormitory for Boys and Girls. Our Dorms are loaded with comfortable
    cot and mattress. At Sindhu Sainik, we provide The Best Accommodation facility for students. Supervisors & Study Masters are assigned to each dorm to ensure the students are fully
    focused on their studies in the respective time.
  • Every room is cleaned periodically & hygiene is maintained at the highest priority. Besides,
    both the dormitories are completely under CCTV Surveillance 24*7, offering a Safe and
    Secure environment.


  • Our kitchen is equipped with Modern cutlery and Utensils which helps us to provide the best
    Healthy and balanced diet to our students.
  • We prepare a Daily meal with a well-treated RO Water and Fresh Vegetables. Our Daily food
    menu mandates the presence of Protein Rich Food and Balanced Diet.
  • We provide students with a Couple of Different Menus for Breakfast (Double Menu System). Students can choose
    either menu as per their preference.
  • In addition, we also provide Non-Veg twice a week which are not Preserved or Marinated.
    Likewise, we cook only freshly-cut meat & never store it whatsoever. Every food item is
    freshly prepared and is consumed right at the moment.
  • Both South Indian and North Indian food will be provided.
  • Our kitchen is completely supervised under the management and every food preparation
    is entirely monitored.
  • A Periodical  Supervision from the management  just to maintain the quality standards & hygiene.
  • Fresh Home Made Masalas are prepared by us which doesn’t contain or does harm in
    the longer run. Students just feel like home-cooked.
  • Milk will be provided daily which is directly imported from our Farm.
  • We ensure to give our students a High-in-Protein & healthy food.

Mess Menu @Sindhu Residential School


  • We prioritize hygiene than the rest. Restrooms are cleaned properly thrice a day thus
    maintaining a clean & sanitised environment.
  • Our restroom contains separate Urinals &  Separate Bathrooms.
  • Never worry about the cold mornings, Hot water will be available throughout the day.

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