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Sindhu Sports Academy

We have a well-laid-out Sports Academy that aid our students in building a strong character and aligning to a disciplined lifestyle that contributes to the overall development. The concept of “Beyond books” is something that made us think of “Sindhu Sports Academy”. We wanted to stand out from the crowd when it comes to Sainik and Military School Coaching methodology, we were very keen to break the stereotyped methods of learning and add more value to the student’s development. As a result of this, more and more students started to actively participate in sports activities and this resulted in a positive change.

Our Philosophy

We consider the Sports Academy to be a significant instrument in building the character of a student. These activities may keep them fit as well as instigate energy inside to endeavour more diligently and accomplish their objectives and dreams – both regarding academics and sports. We have elite facilities for both indoor and outdoor games, ensuring all the standards and wellbeing measures. We likewise have a pool of prepared Sports Trainers and Coaches who draw out the best from our students. These mentors are genuinely the foundation of our Sports Academy, they have driven the students to achieve big and have helped the organization’s Sports Academy to be a massive success.

Outdoor Games

Sindhu Sports Academy students have the opportunity to tryout and participate in local area activites and sports teams.

Indoor Games

All Track Events

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